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$10 Off Essential Oils Deal (Ends August 31st)

So many of you have been asking about the essential oils that I've been using, and wanting to know how to get a deal. Well, I've got a deal for you. Now through August 31st, Young Living is offering $10 off of their BRAND NEW STARTER KIT that comes with 11 oils, diffuser, and so [...]

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How to Have a Healthy Hoo-Hah {Free Download}

Since writing my recent post titled "That Time I Put Garlic In My Vagina...," I have had more comments and questions on this topic than on anything else I have written. Who knew that vaginas were so popular? *smirk* But on a serious note - vagina health is crucial for overall female health. Many women [...]

15 Amazing Benefits of Using Walnut Oil

I've recently switched to using walnut oil for my hair on a regular basis. It's an oil that is rich in fatty acids, so it is great for hair hydration and health. I first decided to try it after I was looking for a better option to help with dry hair. I've already begun to [...]

By | 2015-06-08T10:28:27+00:00 June 8th, 2015|Organic and Green Living|2 Comments

Natural Remedies To Get You Through The Summer

With the kids about to be out for the Summer months, I'm already thinking ahead and planning for all of the upcoming burns/scrapes/bites/etc... that I'll be dealing with in advance. After nine years of parenting and crunchy/healthy living, I've figured out some staple natural remedies that I always have prepared for the chaos that will ensue. I [...]

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Switch To Organic Food

Want to know what happens in your body when you switch from eating conventional food to organic? Watch this powerful 90 second video. The study was conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, and the full report is available here. A family that doesn’t buy organic because of the cost, ate only organic for [...]

By | 2015-05-08T18:31:25+00:00 May 7th, 2015|Organic and Green Living|6 Comments

Aubrey Organics Age-Defying Therapy Moisturizer Review

Lately I've been getting a ton of comments and questions about my skin. My skin has become almost flawless lately with breakouts at a minimum and the smoothness has been pretty epic. I couple of months ago I started working with Aubrey Organics to help them with promoting their moisturizers. Initially I was excited because [...]

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Welcome, West Georgia Networking Friends!

Hi, I'm Crystal! You may have met me at a West Georgia Networking event. Here you will find information about my upcoming local events and workshops, along with more information about how you can turn your health around by making a few key changes in your diet and lifestyle. I turned my life around by [...]

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Dear Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Stop Wearing Underwear

The vagina is a funny thing. One little change in its ecosystem can throw it off balance for weeks. That's why it's so very important to take care of it. I'm a huge fan of putting garlic up there, using vbars, and all sorts of other remedies for keeping mine in prime form. And one [...]

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