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Natural remedies to help with sleep + my “Homemade Sleepy Tea” recipe

I've had my share of restless nights. I notice how they happen more frequently when I'm really stressed. You know how it just finished that episode of Doctor Who and you're horribly distraught that your favorite Doctor just regenerated into someone new? Yeah...that's the worst. I've lost many nights over that one. So what [...]

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How to get rid of wasps naturally

My backyard has two nests of these little critters: Yes, wasps. Those are nasty little buggers, and right now they have setup shop just underneath the roof edge of my home, outside the entrance of my kitchen. As I've been spending so much time outside, many afternoons see me doing this: I truly enjoy being [...]

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Thrifty Mama Favorites from Mountain Rose Herbs

When I find a line of quality products, I just want to shout it from the mountaintops.  Mountain Rose Herbs is one of those companies that makes purchasing superior products easy and enjoyable. The catalog at Mountain Rose Herbs is extensive.  I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites to give you an idea [...]

Mountain Rose Herbs Specials for February 2013

Here are the organic specials for Mountain Rose Herbs for February 2013. 50% Off Garlic, granules, minced, or powder 40% Off Rose essential oil (Bulgarian) 30% Off Lovage Leaf essential oil 25% Off Hawthorn Leaf/Flower 20% Off Carob, raw 20% Off Pomegranate Seed Oil 20% Off Privet Fruit 15% Off Dong Quai Root 15% Off Happy [...]

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