Natural Remedies To Get You Through The Summer

With the kids about to be out for the Summer months, I'm already thinking ahead and planning for all of the upcoming burns/scrapes/bites/etc... that I'll be dealing with in advance. After nine years of parenting and crunchy/healthy living, I've figured out some staple natural remedies that I always have prepared for the chaos that will ensue. I [...]

Essential Oils Guide for Beginners {Free Download}

I've been using essential oils for many years, but it wasn't until recently that I really saw the power of essential oils when my daughter's breathing issues completely vanished overnight. Since then I have seen story after story of lives changed. My own mother had been dealing with chronic pain for 5+ years, and saw [...]

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Essential Oils: Do They Really Work?

Essential oils are being talked about everywhere. And by "everywhere," I mean EVERY FREAKIN' PLACE ON THE INTERNET. But do these things really work, or is this just a bunch of snake oil sales going on? I firmly believe that essential oils have the power to change your life, because they have not only transformed [...]

Whiten Teeth With Turmeric: Does This Really Work?

I had been seeing all these articles all over the internet touting the amazing whitening abilities of turmeric. Yeah... you know that yellow stuff that is really great for your liver? According to said articles, turmeric magically whitens teeth even though it yellows everything else. My skeptical self thought this must be some kind of [...]

I GOT BIT BY A BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER! – Here’s how I got rid of it naturally

I should warn you all in advance that I'm going to share some graphic images here. Getting bitten by a brown recluse spider is serious. Like, your flesh rots away because your body cannot naturally fight off the poison from a brown recluse spider bite. If you do get bitten,  you MUST go to the [...]

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Tinctures: Here’s What They Are & How To Make Them (+ Chamomile Tincture Recipe)

Ever heard of something called a tincture before? It's basically an alcohol extract of a plant. It usually has an alcohol/ethanol percentage of at least 25%. Most common tinctures are herbal extracts. You can find tinctures at your local health food store, or you can make them yourself. This is actually a good skill to [...]

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Are You Sick of Everyone Going Crazy Over Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been around a long, and I do mean LONG, time. So why is everyone going nuts over them all of a sudden? Every day I see someone posting about them, hosting some sort of party, talking about how some ailment was cured, or sharing their shipment orders with their friends online. Honestly, [...]

Research Suggests These Natural Remedies for Ebola

Listening to and watching the news lately, it's easy to get sucked up into the hype and fear of a potential Ebola outbreak. Fear of the virus is becoming more contagious than the virus itself. Let me be honest: There ARE people dying from this, it is spreading, and you should take precautions. HOWEVER, it's also [...]

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