How Raw Food Affects Your Sex Drive

As many of you know, I've recently transitioned into a vegan diet, with a mostly raw component to it. I mainly did this because my body was telling me that it was finally ready for this step, as I'd been on the fence about it for several years. You can read up more on how [...]

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Vegan Cheese for Pizza Recipe

As you all know I'm on this new vegan journey, and I'm experimenting with recipes along the way. The documenting of said recipes has been pretty epic up until this point. I'm making both fails and successes, but sometimes I make something so epic that it simply must be shared with the world. In this [...]

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Why I’m Becoming a Vegan

This announcement probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to you guys, but I'm becoming a vegan. Over the past 7 years I've been slowly moving towards this, though I wasn't aware of it. When I turned my life around and got healthy, I moved into a "mostly" vegetarian diet with almost exclusive organic [...]

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Why Canned Green Beans Are Okay

Being focused with healthy living, natural wellness, and continuing spiritual and mental health are wonderful things. They are the focus of my life's work, and the focus of so many of you out there. In recent years, I came to identify myself with the following statements. I'm anti-GMO's. I'm anti-processed foods. I'm anti-chemicals. I'm anti-pesticides. [...]

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NFL Football Player Quits to Open Farm and Feed The Hungry

Former NFL Standout Center with the St. Louis Rams and the Baltimore Ravens, Jason Brown, gave up a career in football to serve his community and feed the hungry. He was let go by the Rams, but instead of looking at it as a tragedy, he looked at is an an opportunity for another door [...]

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Have The Cookie

Last weekend was a rough one for my eating habits. It was a weekend spent traveling at a conference, and by the end I was needing several days to recover. By the time Monday rolled around, I'm pretty sure I had eaten way too many cookies, had shared several glasses of wine with friends, and let's just [...]

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14 Things They Don’t Tell You About Becoming a Health-Nut

I haven't always been a health nut. I use to engorge myself on a full spectrum of doughnuts, and college consisted of pizza almost every night. I've been there. I got up to a size 16 before I decided it was time to make a change. But when I did finally make changes, I wasn't prepared for [...]

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