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I'm a former sweet-tooth turned health-nut. After a difficult loss of a first pregnancy and having a second child with a heart condition, I became obsessed with health and wellness. I revamped our entire family's lifestyle, dropped seven pant sizes, and created a website where I could share our story and help support people wanting to make small changes day by day in order to live well. I also support my family by the work that I do here through advertising content, affiliates, and partnership/consultant links within content. When you click and/or order, it puts food on our table. Thanks for all your support, and may you live well and thrive!

Stop to Smell the Roses

Today I'd like you to take some time to stop the rush and take a few moments for you. Life moves by so fast, that sometimes we miss a lot of precious moments in life. Being a mom, I notice how quickly my kids are growing. Eli isn't the small baby that he used to [...]

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Decluttering to make our lives better

Lately I've really been working hard core to declutter our lives. Fly Lady had been an awesome help with this. Here's some before and after pictures of our bedroom. A clean home makes our lives better and easier. Now I just need to find a spot for Hubby's music equipment. Not much storage for our [...]

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Deal At Target

On Monday most Targets were marking baby clearanced items down to 75% off. I have been wanting the Eddie Bauer High Chair ever since it came out and was $120.00. Who can afford that for a high chair noweadays? So I went in early Monday morning and found it marked down to 29.98. I was [...]

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My List of Helpful Coupon Sites

These sites are all rockin'! Taylortownpreview - Preview what coupons are coming out in the Sunday Paper. - Here you can line up store sales with coupons Coupons&Things By Dede - here you can order inserts and coupons The Coupon Clippers - order coupons and inserts The Coupon Master - order coupons and inserts [...]

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Coupon Lingo

B2G1 = Buy Two Get One Free Blinkie = Coupon that a little machine spits out BOGO (or B1G1) = Buy One Get One Free Cat = Catalina. Virtual Money or Coupons that print off with your receipt CRT = Cash Register Tape, aka, your receipt ECB = Extra Care Buck, prints on receipts, and [...]

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